The goal of the Vets RRH program is to aid disabled Veterans that are literally homeless to achieve permanent housing stability. Once accepted into Vets RRH, a case manager will assess the needs and situation of the Veteran and their family to help create goals and a plan that will connect them to the right resources to help obtain and maintain permanent housing stability.  


Vets RRH can also be utilized for:

  • Security Deposits
  • Rental Assistance
  • Utility payments
  • Budgeting
  • Supportive financial services



Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a Veteran or member of a family in which the head of household or spouse is a Veteran
  • Provide proof of disability
  • Be in a literally homeless situation (living in shelter or place not meant for human habitation)



Required Documentation:

  • A photo ID
  • DD-214
  • Documentation of disability (service connected or non-service connected)
  • Proof of residency (letter from shelter or other documentation of homelessness)



Located in all 21 CNCAP counties and Cherry County; contact your local office to apply or the Vets RRH case manager at 308-385-5500  **Not sure you qualify; call anyway-Family Outreach is here to help**


Vets RRH (Vetrans Rapid Re-Housing)