Stability Assistance

Stability Assistance is offered to provide a one-time financial assistance to assist individuals and families experiencing a crisis that put them in a homeless or near homeless situation.


Stability Assistance can be utilized for:

  • Past due rent
  • Past due utilities
  • Propane-depending on county


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Fall into income guidelines
  • Be in a verifiable crisis situation
  • Payment avoids disconnection or eviction
  • Participant will be able to sustain the following month


Required Documentation:

  • A photo ID & Social Security Card
  • Verification of crisis situation (disconnect or eviction notice)
  • Proof of income
  • Completed application & budget



Located in all 21 CNCAP counties and Cherry County; contact your local office to apply or the Family Outreach central office at 308-745-0780

**Not sure you qualify; call anyway-Family Outreach is here to help**