Success Story

In the spring of 2012, I came to know Katie when I became her Sixpence Early Childhood Program Home Visitor. Katie is an extraordinary young woman and mom.  Katie found out at the age of 15 that she was going to become a mother and decided, along with her family, to keep the baby.  That baby was soon born and given the name Sophia.  As her home visitor for over two years, I have seen many examples of her dedication and attentiveness to her daughter and to her education. I have also been impressed by her strong work ethic and her belief that you can go nowhere without an education. Katie has made it clear that her ultimate goal was to graduate high school and attend college.

Katie has demonstrated a love and a level of commitment to her daughter that I do not often see in parents that are years older than her.  With her parents support, Katie has made sure everything she does is in Sophia’s best interest. Katie is the one that makes all the decisions when it comes to raising Sophia. As a student, Katie has always been hard-working and highly committed to her education. Katie graduated 5th in her class and received numerous scholarships.  She was involved in many extra-curricular activities along with being involved in many school sponsored organizations. As a result of her high academics, she is currently in the Honor’s Program at UNK. Katie has finished her first semester of college with a GPA of 3.91. She was recently honored this fall with the Nebraska Head Start Scholarship.

 Since starting college, she continues to work three days a week at a business in Kearney. As a young mom, she has also taken on the role of being both a friend and a positive example for another teen mom in the Sixpence Early Childhood Program.  With the support of her parents, Katie’s priority has always been Sophia. 

Sixpence Home Based

A six month old baby’s brain is 50% the size of an adult’s, by 3 years of age a baby’s brain is 80% the size of an adult’s. 0-3 years of age is a huge time for brain growth.

Parents are the first and most important teacher.

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Through the power of partnerships, Sixpence was created to put highly effective early care and learning opportunities within reach of our youngest and most vulnerable children.  Here’s how it works:

  • Public/Private Partnership: $20 million from the private sector is combined with a $40 million state investment. The earnings of this combined fund represent the grant awards that are distributed to community programs throughout the state.
  • Sixpence Early Learning Fund: The Nebraska Early Childhood Education Endowment Fund Board of Trustees, representing both public and private interests, oversees the administration of the Sixpence early learning fund through Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, the private provider selected by the Nebraska Department of Education.
  • Statewide Competitive Grant: Grants are awarded to school districts in partnership with community-based programs who meet the quality standards defined by the Board of Trustees. Grant recipients must match 100% of the total program cost through existing state and federal funds. Local public school and private contributions can be used to supply the match.
  • Children and Families Served: Grants are used to provide services to children birth to three and their families who face an array of risk factors. These risk factors include premature birth and low child birth rate, teen parenthood, low levels of parental education, low family income and homes where English is spoken as a second language.​
  • Technical Assistance and Evaluation: To ensure accountability, dedicated one-on-one support is provided so high quality standards are maintained. Grantees work with an outside evaluator to measure outcomes using the most comprehensive tracking processes of their kind in the state. Accountability is critical to Sixpence. Continued funding is contingent upon maintaining high standards and availability of grant funds.

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