Success Story

Mac is a single father who has full custody of his 34 month old son, Cordell . At the time of the application for Early Head Start services, Mac was married and his wife filled out the enrollment  application. When Cordell was accepted into the program, Mac  and his wife were going through  a divorce.  Despite this hardship, nothing stopped him from accepting the program.  Mac and Cordell have been participating in the program since March 2014, and he is currently in the Head Start Program.

Being a single father, Mac has had to work many days and long hours, sometimes overtime to support himself and his son.  Even after a long day of work, Mac rarely misses a home visit. Mac works very hard to make sure he gets his visits in for the week. When he is unable to attend the home visit, I can count on Mac to contact me to reschedule. Several times he has asked for the home visits on Saturdays or Sundays. He has set a goal to read to his son for at least 5 minutes every night.

Earlier in the year, Mac observed that Cordells’ language was not progressing like most kids his age.  Working with Cordell and Mac for nine months on language activities, I am excited to see how much Cordell’s language has improved. According to Mac, “Ever since the program, Cordell has been learning more words and doing more activities with me and everybody.” Cordell is now able to communicate his wants and needs and is better understood by his father and other family members. 

To enhance School Readiness skills, we partner with parents as the primary teachers of their children.

Eligible children 3 to 5 years of age can participate in this comprehensive educational program. The program consists of dental/health exams, vision/hearing/language tests, immunizations, nutritious meals, and educational activities. Parents of the children attend parenting meetings and are involved in the children’s activities. Parents of children with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Since we combine funding sources in several of our communities, we are able to serve more of the age eligible children in those communities. Together with the school districts, we focus on School Readiness for children and families.

Contact Person: Suzan Obermiller,

ECP Director

308-745-0780 ext. 123


Head Start - Preschool Partnerships