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Early Head Start Home Based Program

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Early Head Start is a family resource program to support parents in educating and nurturing their children.  The program provides parents with opportunities to move toward self-sufficiency by working with other community organizations.  Health and mental health services are also provided to participants.

Early Head Start Home Based Program will help you better understand your child’s stages of development with individualized visits in your home. The weekly visits are 1 and one half hours in length and are designed to meet the needs of your family. You will be assisted with planning activities that encourage your child’s growth. Social activities will be held twice monthly to provide the opportunity to interact with your child and other families.

Pregnant women, infants, toddlers up to age 3 and their family members may qualify for the program.  Parents of children with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Home-Based Early Head Start Programs with Home Visitors are available in the following CNCAP Counties:

Success Story

Becky's three children, Coltyn, Ruger,and Benelli were enrolled in the Early Head Start program in September 2015.  Becky is a single mother raising three very active young children.

From the beginning of the program, Becky had concerns about Coltyn's and Ruger's speech. After several months of performing parent-child activities aimed at improving Coltyn's speech, Becky decided that an evaluation should probably be done. The Early Head Start family consultant contacted a service provider in the family's school district and provided Becky with the contact information to start the evaluation process. Becky followed up on this and It was determined that Coltyn qualified to receive speech and occupational therapy services. Becky works with Coltyn's service providers and also independently researches strategies to assist Coltyn in his development.  Ruger's speech is no longer a concern.

The Early Head Start program also provides developmental screenings. Through these screenings, it was determined that Benelli was lagging in her gross motor skills. Becky consistently implemented the family consultant’s suggestions for improving Benelli's gross motor skills. It took several months of work, but now Benelli's gross motor skills are developmentally 'on track'!

When the family started in the program, Becky was working 40 - 50 hours a week.  Even with that work schedule, Becky was committed to the Early Head Start program, and in 12 months’ time, she only missed ONE weekly home visit!  The family consultant. states, "I feel that Becky's biggest success this past year in the program is that she is her children's #1 advocate."  Becky’s goal this year is to obtain her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification.