Success Story

This Early Head Start/Head Start family has overcome many hardships.This family came to Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership  Services asking for assistance when they moved here from Ohio in 2013. Miguelina (mom) filled out an application for two of her boys Bryan and Julian for Head Start and also added Emelyn for Early Head Start. 

The boys began attending Head Start and Emelyn in Early Head Start. After the boys started Head Start, they were both verified with language delays. As time went on mom started opening up to me during home visits and to her Head Start home visitor.  Head Start also helped the family get assistance for food and bills because dad was unemployed.

With her hands full, mom had trouble keeping her weekly home visits. Months went by and mom found out she was pregnant.  Although things weren’t going so smooth for this family, mom always talked about how much she loved her children and how she wanted the best for them.  It took a while for mom to fully start participating during home visits. Mom started keeping visits and calling when needing to reschedule. She started coming to socializations and also participated in Head Start parent meetings. Mom also engaged more with Emelyn during home visits. Mom was always interested and appreciated any information given to her during her pregnancy.

 Dad now has a job, and they moved to a better home. The family is engaged 100% in our programs. Emelyn is now in Head Start and mom had a baby girl named Yasmin which will be turning two in April. This family has overcome difficulties and succeeded as a family by sticking together in good and bad. 

Early Head Start Center Based Program

The Early Head Start Infant & Toddler Child Development Center is a quality, comprehensive child development program serving children 6 weeks to 3 years old.

  • Early Head Start staff make visits to the homes of Early Head Start children to assist parents in meeting their family goals.
  • Parents have the opportunity to be part of a parent committee.
  • Parents have the opportunity to volunteer in the center.
  • Early Head Start provides educational activities through the High/Scope curriculum.
  • All diapers, wipes, baby food and formula needed during the day are provided free of charge.
  • Parents of children with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Early Head Start Center Based Infant & Toddler Child Development Centers are located in the following counties:

Holt County
202 South 10th Street
O'Neill, NE
(402) 336-4309

Colfax County
1014 West 9th Street
Schuyler, NE
(402) 352-5084

Custer County
924 East S East Street
Broken Bow, NE
(308) 872-6540

Platte County
3286 53rd Avenue
Columbus, NE
(402) 564-1124