The Early Childhood Programs have

been in action for 40 years influencing

children and reaching families by making

family success a number one priority.

CNCAP Early Childhood Programs provide

for children’s basic needs through safe,

healthy, consistent, and nurturing

environments in order to develop

and learn at optimal levels.

Families recognize strengths, set goals,

develop a support system, and have the

well being and knowledge to be the

primary educators and nurturers for

their children.

Communities are aware of the importance of investing in early childhood. They demonstrate commitment by investing resources in programs, participating in decision making and support policies that honor the developing child and respect the individual differences of families.

Please follow the links below for more information about programs and services for children and families in central Nebraska:

Early Head Start Home Based Program

Sixpence Home Based

Early Head Start Center Based Program

Head Start – Preschool Partnerships

Region #8 & #17 Early Development Network

Early Childhood Programs Department

Mission Statement:

Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership's Early Childhood Programs promotes family strengths by recognizing individual values, encouraging teamwork, ​and creating links in the community.

Head Start Success Story

In the fall of 2014, Carissa was accepted into the Head Start Program. Samantha and Noah, her parents, also began that journey. During Carissa’s 2 years at Head Start, mom and dad took an active role in their child’s education by keeping in close contact with the teachers about Carissa’s progress and made sure they knew of things that they could be working on at home with both Carissa and her younger brother, Cody. 

In September of 2014, Samantha and Noah applied for the Early Head Start Sixpence Program and in November, Cody was accepted.  They began visits with the Sixpence Home Visitor and Cody loved it!  In the fall of 2015, Carissa was enrolled in the Head Start Program for her second year.  Cody made the transition from Sixpence to Head Start that fall as well! 

Samantha continues to volunteer as often as she can. She is also currently serving as Parent Committee Vice President and Policy Council Representative.

In their personal lives, the family has been successful as well.  When they originally began their journey with Head Start, Samantha was a stay-at-home mom and Noah was gone on the road often working for a trucking company. 

Noah has since gained employment through a local trucking company that allows him to be home each night with his family.  Samantha has also gained employment for herself at the local Casey’s store, which allows her to earn income while the children are at school or home in the evenings with Noah. 

It is clear to the staff at Head Start that Noah and Samantha are committed to doing what it takes to make sure Carissa and Cody have a solid foundation from which to grow and learn!