Vision Statement

Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership will strive to “Empower individuals and families while guiding them in the process to become self-sufficient and experience an improved quality of life.”

Our vision includes:
Empowering individuals and families while guiding them in the process to become self sufficient and experience an improved quality of life.

This process includes enriching relationships, communities and partnerships to further secure resources and collaborate for efficient and effective utilization of all resources for optimum service delivery and positive life changes.

Partnerships with other resources help us lengthen our reach, fill service gaps & break down barriers to achieve our ultimate goal of ending poverty.

Working with the communities we serve, Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership is a trusted catalyst for meaningful and lasting change that improves the lives of people.

Core Values

1. Communication:  We believe in active listening and open communication.  Employees and customers are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas in a respectful and professional manner.

2. Respect: We believe that customers, partners, and employees should be treated with dignity and compassion.  Differences and recognized and valued, individual uniqueness is appreciated, abilities, and contributions are recognized.

3. Cooperation?Collaboration:  We believe in a positive work culture.  We are committed to developing healthy, supportive, and working relationships with customers, partners, and one another.

4. Loyalty:  We believe the services we provide are valuable and positively impact lives.  We will remain supportive of the agency mission, vision, policies, and procedures as set by the board of directors.

5. Accountability/Responsibility:  We believe in clearly communicating expectations to ensure dedicated staff can deliver extraordinary services.  CNCAP-staff are punctual, reliable, accountable, and flexible to change as it may occur.

6. Diversity:  We believe in an inclusive work environment.  We are appreciative of and sensitive to the value of differences and ideas among people, culture, and practice.  Differences are not only accepted but are utilized to strengthen agency performance.

7:  Personal/Professional Development:  We believe in a supportive environment that encourages customers and employees to acquire knowledge through lifelong learning.

8.  Wellness:  We believe in advocating life wellness.  CNCAP provides opportunities, information, and resources that promote physical, mental, and social well being for our customers and employees.  This process assists in achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

9.  Family:  We believe that strengthening positive family and community relationships is important.  CNCAP employees and customers are encouraged to develop these connections.  Policies are in place for our employees to allow for flexible work schedule so long as work commitments are met.

10.  Honesty and Integrity:  We believe integrity is of utmost importance.  We will do what is right even when no one is watching, put forth maximum effort and demonstrate truthfulness in our actions and our words.  We are mindful of how our actions may impact our customers, employees, partners, and the agency.