Vision Statement

Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership will strive to “Empower individuals and families while guiding them in the process to become self-sufficient and experience an improved quality of life.”

Our vision includes:
Empowering individuals and families while guiding them in the process to become self sufficient and experience an improved quality of life.

This process includes enriching relationships, communities and partnerships to further secure resources and collaborate for efficient and effective utilization of all resources for optimum service delivery and positive life changes.

Partnerships with other resources help us lengthen our reach, fill service gaps & break down barriers to achieve our ultimate goal of ending poverty.

Working with the communities we serve, Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership is a trusted catalyst for meaningful and lasting change that improves the lives of people.

Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership is governed by a 27 member board of directors representing the service region of 21 counties. The area includes

6 core counties that formulated the organization in the early 1960’s along with 3 districts added to bring in a broad range of experience and representation. The tripartite board includes representatives from the private sector, public elected officials and the low income population that has proven a successful formula for long term agency governance.

Roger Goldfish, President

Barb Wroblewski, Vice President

Doug Wrede, Secretary/Treasurer

Barry Fox, Dee Dee Christen, JoAnn Koontz

Doug Wrede, Joyce Costello, Jay Meyer

Brenda Klanecky, Kathy Hirschman, Barb Wroblewski

Jim Helgoth, Nelva McNeff, Arizona Brooks

Larry Griffith, Jean Kowalski, Scott Friesen

Roger Goldfish, Joan Barnes, Kristine Marshall

North Central District:
Lesley Holmes, Ralph Metschke, Bob Thomas

South Central District:
Scott Arnold, Hope Anderson, Keith Smith

East Central District:
Sara Gengler, Pat Heimes, Christy Wemhoff

Policy Council/Board of Directors Liaison:
Evelyn Thiel

Senior Management
Cheryl Holcomb, Executive Director
Donna Obermiller, Fiscal Director/Deputy Director
Sue Obermiller, Early Childhood Programs Director
Keli Forney, Family Outreach Director
Michael Peirce, Human Resources Director
Amber Beck, Housing Department Director

CNCAP Board of Directors