Title             RN/LPN
Salary          $14.36 - $17.44
Location      O'Neill
Job Information:​  RN/LPN

Title             Co-Teacher/Home Visitor
Salary          $11.00 - $12.00
Location      O'Neill
Job Information:​ O'Neill Co-Teacher-Home Visitor

Salary          $18.75
Location      Columbus
Job Information:​ EHS Area Manager-Ed Coord-Coach 

Title             HS General Assistant
Salary          $11.00 
Location      Columbus
Job Information: General Assistant 

Title             Family Consultant
Salary          $11.29 - $12.31
Location      Columbus
Job Information:  Family Consultant

Title             HS Co-Teacher 
Salary          $11.00 - $12.00
Location      Columbus
Job Information:​  HS Co-Teacher

Career Opportunities

Salary          $14.36 - $17.44
Location      Loup City or O'Neill

Title             Weatherization Technician
Salary          TBD 
Location      Loup City
Job Information:​ Weatherization Technician 

After filling out the application please send it to HR@centralnebraskacap.com

with the job you are applying for in the subject line.

Application- in editable .pdf form

Vision Statement

Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership will strive to “Empower individuals and families while guiding them in the process to become self-sufficient and experience an improved quality of life.”

Our vision includes:
Empowering individuals and families while guiding them in the process to become self sufficient and experience an improved quality of life.

This process includes enriching relationships, communities and partnerships to further secure resources and collaborate for efficient and effective utilization of all resources for optimum service delivery and positive life changes.

Partnerships with other resources help us lengthen our reach, fill service gaps & break down barriers to achieve our ultimate goal of ending poverty.

Working with the communities we serve, Central Nebraska Community Action Partnership is a trusted catalyst for meaningful and lasting change that improves the lives of people.

Title             Bilingual Home Visitor
Salary          $11.00
Location      Columbus
Job Information:​  Bilingual Home Visitor

Title             EDN Services Coordinator
Salary          $14.38
Location      Ainsworth
Job Information:​ EDN Coordinator

Title             Bilingual Family Consultant
Salary          $12.29 - $13.31
Location      Columbus
Job Information:​  Family Consultant

Title             Family Outreach Case Manager
Salary          $12.25-$12.75 
Location      O'Neill
Job Information:​ Family Outreach Case Manager - O'Neill